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How do I refill a prescription?

If your prescription has refills, the bottle you receive from the pharmacy should note how many refills you have left. If there are remaining refills, you can call your pharmacy and pick up your refill with them.

What if I have no refills?

If you need to renew a prescription that has no refills, do not call your pharmacy; call us! You can reach our prescription renewal line at 720.344.2680, option 2. Leave a message with your name, date of birth, the prescription you need (name and dose), and the information of the pharmacy where you would like to pick it up.

I left a message on the prescription line. When will my prescription be sent to the pharmacy?

Our providers work hard to listen to those messages every business day. We always ask that you give us 48 hours, just in case.

I left a message on the prescription line and it’s been 48 hours, but my pharmacy doesn’t have the prescription order. What do I do?

Call the front desk: 720.344.2680, option 1. Crystal or Hope can help you find out what’s going on.

It’s an emergency! I’m out of my prescription and forgot to call early! What do I do?

Leave a message on the prescription line. Our providers will likely get to it before the end of the day.

It’s the weekend and I need my prescription. What do I do?

Leave a message on the prescription line, and our providers will listen to it on the next business day. If it is an emergency, you can call our after-hours phone or ask your pharmacy to give you enough of your prescription to last you the weekend.

Do I need to have an appointment before I can get my prescription?

It depends on the prescription and the circumstances. Our providers need to see you at least once a year to renew your prescriptions, and sometimes more often. If you aren’t sure whether you’ll need an appointment, please call the front desk at option 1.